Hi there! My name is Sebastian, 27 years old, originally from Germany. However, in 2013 I've become a Digital Nomad living his own dream. Currently I am in Budapest.

In 2009 I started my career as a freelancing Web Developer. Ever since I am riding this crazy rollercoaster: from almost being a millionaire to being broke, and back again.

Occasionally I Write about my journeys, my life and web stuff. You Write me if you want to say hello, need help with JavaScript or want to hire me.


    Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. Oscar Wilde

    Check out my skills and my (almost) full story: Curriculum Vitae

    Facts and truths

    Name Sebastian Senf Born 1987 in East-Germany Passion Fiddling with computers for 13 years Job Doing the same with the Web for 6 years Evolve Traveling as a digital nomad for 1+ year Music Drum & Bass Holla at me

    jQAPI jqapi.com

    This is an alternative interface for browsing the official jQuery docs, used by over 10k developers each month. Each time the official docs are down, devs get routed to jQAPI by the official @jQuery Twitter account.

    This project was re-done in 2012 with help of some crowd-funding. 2013 I received the domain visualjquery.com from the jQuery team, which is now forwarding to the jQAPI domain.

    jQAPI is also the base for the Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Library.

    Use jQuery usejquery.com

    This is a jQuery showcase and blog. I started it in 2009 and sold it in 2013. So I am no longer the admin of this website. Unfortunately it's not very active these days.

    But the Twitter account @usejquery is very active. When I sold the site along with the Twitter account it had about 22k followers. To this date it has more than 50k followers.

    Most articles and demos you see on the blog are written by me.

    Pairs pairs.io

    The latest project I am working on. This will become a remote control for the web. There will be a easy framework to program your own remote control, which is essentially your smartphone, for any website (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Grooveshark, etc).

    With a similar idea, a remote control for Grooveshark, I attended the Nodeknockout 2012 hackathon and finished 3rd place in the Utility/Fun category.

    Ketchup Plugin github.com/mustardamus/ketchup-plugin

    Pretty popular jQuery form validation plugin I wrote in 2011. It was built to be very flexible and extendible.

    People are still hacking this jQuery plugin to this day. Unfortunately my attempts to refactor the plugin to my current skills and understanding has failed due to lack of time. However, Ketchup2 is coming. Only question is: when?

    And a lot more...

    In my six years of my freelance career I've done quite a lot, but not maintained a (client) portfolio, unfortunately. Anyway, I've worked on these various things:

    Plain simple webpages, sliced PSD to webpages, developed jQuery plugins, CMS systems, CRM systems, Blogs, Wordpress themes, Shopping Carts, scraping the web, Rails backends, JS only frontends, Node.js modules, wrote articles, set up development environments, setup servers, working with databases, assigning tasks to other coders, fixed countless bugs and attended several hackathons.

    I am surely missing something. Fortunately you can check out all my open-source stuff at my Github portfolio.